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"Igniting the digital realm is like unleashing a wildfire of possibilities – instantaneous, far-reaching, and capable of transforming mere ideas into global phenomena." - Gary Vaynerchukz

Why Crossmedia?

1. ROI is 19% higher when advertising on two different platforms 2. The impact is 57% greater if the messages are the same or reminiscent of each other on both channels. 3. A good ratio is 78% marketing in traditional media and 22% in digital media. 4. A cross-media campaign with good content is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

These are the types of content we produce for you when you choose Online Solutions.

The combination of physical marketing and subsequent advertising on digital channels achieves the best results. We base our cross-media campaigns on relevance and the need to reach interested and engaged recipients

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The business platform. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform focusing on business networking and career opportunities. It enables users to make professional contacts, share expertise and find potential employers or clients.


The versatile platform. Facebook is one of the largest and best-known social media platforms in the world and is used for both – personal and business purposes.


The visual platform. Instagram allows users to document their lives through pictures and short videos. It offers features such as filters, stories, IGTV and reels to enhance visual aesthetics and encourage interaction. It is often used by a younger target group that is interested in visual content and lifestyle.

Use the benefits of online precision and print permanence in your marketing mix to reach your company to the next level.

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