Fredrik Thorsson Chairman / Founder

Fredrik Thorsson

Nicole Bitkin Managing Director - Germany

Nicole Bitkin

Jessica Preine Sales Director DACH

Jessica Preine

Stefanie Bings Key Account Manager

Stefanie Bings

Aileen Reese Head of Content and Media Production & Art Director

Aileen Reese

Madeleine Buyna Business Development & Recruiting

Madeleine Buyna

Famke Lohmann Brand Relations & Corporate Communications Manager

Famke Lohmann

Alia Fahda Senior Campaign Manager – Eurominds

Alia Fahda

Merle Tölke Senior Campaign Manager – Traumheim

Merle Tölke

Neslihan Gruel Senior Campaign Manager – Sommerguide Schweiz

Neslihan Gruel

Yvonne Bauer Senior Campaign Manager – Gesundheit

Yvonne Bauer

Nicolas Praeger Senior Campaign Manager – E-Sports & Gaming

Nicolas Praeger

Mira Khanna Senior Campaign Manager – Best Ager Schweiz

Mira Khanna

Manh Nam Nguyen Senior Campaign Manager – E-Sports & Gaming

Manh Nam Nguyen

Kubilay Kayser Senior Campaign Manager – Traumheim Schweiz

Kubilay Kayser

Aljoscha Sandvoß Senior Campaign Manager – Gastrospitze

Aljoscha Sandvoß

Anna Berg Werkstudentin – Campaign Management

Anna Berg

Sarah Larbi Senior Campaign Manager – Best Ager

Sarah Larbi

Arne Meier-Bunge Campaign Manager – Landwirtschaft

Arne Meier-Bunge

Christopher Binder Campaign Manager – Gesundheit

Christopher Binder

Antonia Blunck Campaign Manager – Sommerguide Österreich

Antonia Blunck

Merve Bayram Campaign Manager – Traumheim

Merve Bayram

Vanessa Schell Campaign Manager – Sommerguide

Vanessa Schell

Yona Kosmehl Campaign Manager – Haustiere

Yona Kosmehl

Dennis Wondruschka Junior Mediengestalter

Dennis Wondruschka

Nadine Wagner Werkstudentin – Content Studio

Nadine Wagner

Joschka Henning Werkstudent – Content Studio

Joschka Henning

Anton Feel Good/Barketing Manager


Campaign Manager – Life Science

Pajam Klünder