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10. juni 2022



Optimising operations requires the right mining tools

In the rapidly changing operating environment in the mining industry, every part of the value chain has to put in an effort to make their operations and products more sustainable, robust and flexible. Using the right mining tools and partnering with industry experts can be a step in the right direction towards reaching your business goals in a sustainable manner.



In order to preserve our planet, we need to move towards a decarbonised world. “And decarbonisation drives a demand for the metals and minerals that are needed to realise this transition”, says Arto Halonen, Group CEO of Robit Plc. “That means that we need the mining industry now more than ever. As mining industry is part of the green energy shift, it is important that industry also develop more sustainainable ways of operations. On top of the sustainability goals, Halonen also refers to the shift towards underground mining. “Many of the easy places to mine, have been mined. Therefore, underground mining is now moving faster than surface mining.”


In order to keep up with these developments and conquer the challenges that are at play in the market, getting the most out of your assets is crucial. “You need consistent quality and high performing products in order to make your operations as efficient as possible and get the most out of your assets”, states Halonen. “Take for example our diamond bits, that last a lot longer than traditional button bits. This means that operators can work more safely and minimise the time working in areas that may be less safe.” Next to that, Robit’s products also increase miners’ productivity. “An increased level of automation and electrification in the mines helps elevate sustainability, but also helps companies overcome the current staff shortage that the market is facing. With all the current disruptions putting a strain on the supply chain, it really helps to work with partners and suppliers such as Robit, that can help you navigate the challenges and develop your company.”


Arto Halonen, 

Group CEO of Robit Plc

Because in order to realise more sustainability for the mining industry, the whole supply chain has to pull together, Halonen states. “Everyone adds value to the product, therefore everyone needs to commit to ESG. At Robit, we have a very practical and solid ESG roadmap. One of our key targets with this is to secure efficiency throughout the product life cycle in order to extend it. In practice, this means that we help our customers to operate their rigs and rock tools in the most efficient way. That has a big impact on the carbon footprint of our customers, for inefficiencies in operating tools and equipment can cause huge energy losses.”


In order to help their customers succeed, Robit also focuses on innovation. “We are always looking to improve our capabilities and have therefore done significant investments to strengthen our supply chain against current events causing volatility”, says Halonen. “We have a strong R&D pipeline that will soon launch a new, full line of drill bits that will help create benefits for our customers. But all of it comes back to the high level of service we provide for our customers. We continuously train and develop our employees to be expert partners for our customers whenever they need them. Serve with speed is a value we all try to live by, to make sure our customers are ready for the future.”


And that future, says Halonen, looks bright. “The world needs metals in the transition to more sustainable energy mix, and that needs to be delivered in a sustainable way. All players in this industry have a big role to play here, and companies like Robit are committed to delivering just that.”