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12. jan 2022




Let’s talk about the most important trends regarding advertising and marketing. Some of them we already use, others may be new to some of you – but it’s always good to remind yourself of, and educate yourself about the possibilities.

Trend #1: Purpose

„Content with a purpose“ – that’s Rule No. 1 when it comes to working at EMP. It’s not only a slogan, it’s a rule that guides us through all our campaigns and advertising solutions. What’s the purpose of the company? Why is it special, what makes their products extraordinary? In addition, companies should be transparant in order for the customer to feel like they can trust them.

 Trend #2: Human Experience

We already touched upon it briefly before, but it’s important to transport a feeling of humanity and give the customers the feeling of talking to an individual rather than a company. They shouldn’t see the ad and feel like they are just a number, but rather feel like they’re talked to directly.

 Trend #3: Fusion

Because of globalization and digitalization there are no hard boundaries between different industries. Therefore we see a lot of companies that are well-known for business in different industries. But also the stakeholders become more and more important. Sometimes it’s useful to combine different industries and/or companies/stakeholders in one ad.

 Trend #4: Trust

Every company needs trust and loyalty from their clients. The customers have to trust the companies and have a feeling of security. Otherwise; no one will ever buy from them. Having a loyal customer following with a good relationship is what every company should aim for.

 Trend #5: Participation

Customers are no longer just recipients and consumers. They want and have to play an active roll when it comes to communicating with the company. The customers are a big part of the brand that should not be left behind in planning marketing campaigns.

 Trend #6: Talent

Employees are at the heart of the company. Try to include that. They also have a big impact on the brand – a satisfied and happy team massively improves the way a company is perceived.

 Trend #7: Agility

Agility is another key to success. Companies should adapt their processes as soon as possible to the latest digital developments. Customers don’t have the time or patience to wait a few days until they get a response – no matter if it’s a request, question or other kind of information. We want it all, and we want it NOW.