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10 jan 2022



Print is hot

“The most interesting trend right now is that print media is going against all mega trends, where it has long been counted out.”

“Over a year ago the CMA published a report into the future of print, a report that a decade or so ago no one expected they would be reading in 2018.

The bald facts about print’s decline are well documented. For example, in 2011 Britons bought over 800 million magazines. That figure has shrunk to half that size in just six years.” However, even though a lot of people have been predicting the death of print for quite some time, we must confess that print is still hugely popular with consumers.

Whereas mainstream magazines have either been shuttered or merged into digital titles, print thrives in two key sectors: independent media and content marketing. “And in some ways, it is the synergy between these two areas that is keeping print forefront of mind for brands.”

Another key trend that is here to stay also in 2020 is the concept of print being part of a mix of platforms used by brands and agencies.